Put your diet on autopilot

Eat This Much automatically creates meal plans that meet your diet goals.
It can be personalized for your food preferences, budget, and schedule.
Then, once a week, we give you a grocery list with everything you need.
Eating smart has never been this easy.
Eat This Much automatically creates meal plans that meet your diet goals. It can be personalized for your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Then, once a week, we give you a grocery list with everything you need.
Eating smart has never been this easy.
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Your Personal Diet Assistant

These days it feels like just about everyone is a nutrition expert, but so few people are happy with the way they eat. Eat This Much is all about turning what you know into what you do. The best nutrition strategy is the one that actually happens, because behaviors, not ideas, are the secret to changing your diet.

Our service is designed to save you time and energy without removing you from the process. Using your preferences, we only show you information that is relevant to your goals and our weekly planner streamlines all of the preparation and decision making that goes into a successful diet.

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Empower you with automatic control over your diet

Easily modify parameters such as total calories, macronutrient ranges, grams of protein, and meal size.

Take the anxiety out of picking what to eat

Make the important decisions ahead of time and on your own schedule, then there’s nothing to worry about when it’s time to eat.

Follow any eating style or create your own

You can customize popular eating styles like vegan and paleo to match your needs and preferences.

Reduce wasted food

Planning ahead means less produce going bad in the fridge, and fewer leftovers forgotten or tossed into the trash.

Prepare grocery lists

No more skipping meals because you’re missing ingredients. Review your meals for the week and a grocery list arrives on shopping day automatically.

Simplify calorie tracking

Calories and macronutrients are tracked automatically, only input things that don’t go according to plan.

Manage your virtual pantry

Unused groceries are automatically saved to be used in future meal plans. Add what you already have to get started fast.

We stay out of your way

Recurring foods and leftovers settings give you direct control over every meal, so you’re not fighting with our algorithms to get what you want.

"I started tracking my weight in April of 2013 when I was 184lbs. In May I signed up for Eat This Much and immediately appreciated being able to just cook the menu and not worry about what to have for dinner. By November I was down to 155lbs and I still use Eat This Much today!"
Ben Kutil, Owner of Make Things Studio™, LLC

"As a professional trainer who understands the importance of dietary compliance when it comes to results, I searched high and low for nutrition and meal-planning software for my clients. I came across Eat This Much and was immediately BLOWN AWAY by its ease of use, customization potential, and cost-effectiveness. This tool is the best of its kind."
Mike Howard, Owner of Core Concepts Wellness

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
Benjamin Franklin

"Streamline your planning with Eat This Much."
Buff Broccoli

If you had time to read this far, then you have time to see what Eat This Much can do for you. No waiting, no reading long ebooks, no shipping, sign up for a free trial and you can get started right now, while nutrition is on your mind.

Good habits are contagious. Refer a friend and you both get a month of our subscription service FREE.
If Eat This Much isn’t for you, cancel anytime – there’s no long term commitment.

Frequently asked questions

Will using Eat This Much force me to completely change my diet? Will I be stuck cooking new recipes for every meal?

Not at all, we designed the site to give you as much control as possible. By default, all meal suggestions are generated to match the information in your profile. You can further refine the suggestions by blocking foods you don’t want and ‘liking’ foods that you prefer to have more often. You can regenerate single recipes, meals, or whole days with a single click, and edit them with a simple click and drag interface.

If you know exactly what you want for a given meal, our Recurring Foods option allows you to create lists for meals or groups of meals. You can customize our suggested recipes or even enter your own and see them automatically added to your future plans. As you refine your settings Eat This Much will get better and better at suggesting meals that work for you and will require less input over time.

Why should I use a service to do something I could handle myself with a pencil and calculator?
The simple answer is time and money. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find the meal planning process more time-consuming than it is rewarding. Doing lots of math and combing through large databases is something that computers continue to be better at than the average person. If you want to reap the benefits of planning your meals ahead of time, but cannot fit it into your schedule, Eat This Much is a great solution. Even if you’re already proficient in planning your nutrition, we can help you spend less time planning and more time living. Shopping without a plan often leads to wasted produce, and untouched ingredients in the back of your fridge. We can make sure that every dollar you spend is going towards something you’re actually going to eat.
What if I like to eat out for some meals? Or if something comes up and I don’t follow my plan?
Eat This Much has a large database of popular restaurants, but we avoid suggesting them in the meal plans by default. You’re free to use our recurring foods system to add in your favorite restaurants for the meals you like to eat out. If you miss a meal, or eat something different, it’s easy to record those changes on your meal plan. You can also send unused ingredients back to your ‘virtual pantry’ so we know to include them in future meals.
Does Eat This Much work for vegans/vegetarians? What about paleo or low carb?
Yes! Many of the most common diet types are included as presets that can speed up the process of customizing your plans. Even if your diet is not expressly listed as a preset option, you have the option to change all the major parameters that most diets rely on. You have complete control over things like: which foods to avoid, percentage of your diet from carbs, proteins, or fats, and whether these change each day.
Is Eat This Much only for weight loss and diets? What if I’m just trying to eat healthy/bulk up/run a marathon?
Although Eat This Much provides a lot of great tools for people on weight loss diets our system works great for anyone looking to control their nutrition at a precise level. You can set your calories as high or as low as you want and you have full control over your macronutrient distribution. Setting up day-to-day differences such as workout days versus rest days is no problem with our weekly planner for subscribers. Saving nutritional profiles makes carb cycling, fasting, refeeding days, and other strategies easier to plan and implement.
Why would I sign up when the generator is free to use from this page?
Creating an account is free, and gives you access to more features including the ability to save another meal plan and use recurring foods. You will have to give us your email address, but in return you can access saved plans from anywhere and we can provide better customer service if you have any questions. You can use this account for as long as you want, but we’ll also give you a two-week trial of our subscription service if you’re interested. There’s no commitment and you can cancel whenever you want. Subscribers use the same generator, but can plan out weeks at a time, allowing them to shop less often and utilize leftovers easily.
Will this really work? How long is it going to take and what kind of results can I expect?
Eat This Much is not a diet, and our ideas are all about streamlining the process of eating well. You can expect to feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders almost immediately, when you realize that your diet is exactly the way you want it. There have been many studies showing the effectiveness of keeping a food diary, which propose that simply considering your food choices is an important first step in eating well. We believe that planning out your meals in advance will make any dieting strategy more effective for the same reasons. The best nutrition strategy is the one you actually stick to and our service is designed to make sticking to your plans much easier. We are confident that using Eat This Much will help you get the results you expect based on your own research. Unfortunately the typical result for our service (just like most diet plans) is that users will never begin using it, or will stop very quickly. Ultimately your results will reflect your planning and effort, but we’re working hard to give you the right tools for the job!
Why is this a subscription service? Books might be more expensive, but I only pay once!
Unlike diet systems sold through ebooks, Eat This Much is not a finished product. It’s a series of tools that we’re working constantly to improve and expand. The recipes and grocery lists are yours to keep, whether or not you stay subscribed, so nothing is lost if you decide to cancel your subscription. We plan to offer more and more value to our customers as we grow, and although we think our service is more than worth the price, you can also think of it as supporting this project. The longer we can continue to be supported solely by our awesome users the more control and creativity we will maintain. There’s no big corporation taking your money here, every dollar goes towards keeping the site running and enabling us to continue working on it full time. You can always use the service for free, but we appreciate every subscriber who makes this possible!

"I am loving Eat This Much. I have already lost 4 pounds and notice my self making healthier choices! I definitely plan on signing up for a premium account! Thank you!"
Christian R. Potter

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